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Annual symbols

Every year, the Entomological Society of Latvia elects two symbols of the year - the Insect of the Year (since 1999) and the Invertebrate of the Year (since 2008), with the aim of informing the public about the ecology and biology of various species and drawing attention to nature protection topics. At the same time, the nomination of annual symbols increases the public interest in these species (or higher taxon), which increases the availability of distribution and occurrence data of these species through citizen science platforms.

Insect of the Year 2022

Tragosoma depsarium

Longhorn beetle

Tragosoma depsarium is one of the indicator species of forests important for natural diversity. It inhabits old, sunny pine forests, where suitable dead wood can be found. Therefore using this insect species as an illustrative example, the Entomological Society of Latvia wants to address the issues of nature diversity in the forest.

Foto: Uģis Piterāns

More info (in latvian): Dabasdati.lv 

Invertebrate of the Year 2022


Oniscoidea is a superfamily of Isopoda that is the most commonly seen crustacean.  They are found in all terrestrial habitats, including human settlements, firewood barns and the most pristine, shady corners of your backyard. But there is no reason to be afraid or concerned when meeting one on your way. Instead, we suggest you to take a closer look and get to know them better!

Foto: Uģis Piterāns

More info (in latvian): Dabasdati.lv